Custom Garage Doors in Cuyahoga County | A Look at Our Projects

Our video series continues this week as we discuss more unique garage doors for your home. Watch the video to learn about 3 beautifully custom garage doors: 

*below is a transcription of the video.

Customizing Your Garage Door with Added Hardware

Even custom garage door installs take about two hours to complete. We also have a 2-hour window guarantee (with a 30 minute call-ahead), so you don't have to uproot your schedule for this installation. The first door we're looking at here has some personality.Custom New Garage Door with Added Hardware Features for Rustic Look

Though this garage looks like it's more than just paint, it's a baked enamel finish in a standard brown color. To help match the house, we worked with the customer's preferences, adding the hardware features onto the door (like the fake handles) that truly make it custom. We have a few different styles for this type of added hardware to the garage door, but the unique look comes from the door, the color, the house, plus the added features.

Is That a Wooden Garage Door?

New Custom Garage Door Installation with a Wood Tone Color

This door looks like wood and you don't see that often on garages. Well, it's not real wood, which saves you a LOT on price. That style there has a wood tone color. It is a custom color, a baked-on enamel finish and comes a lifetime warranty. You get more of a good old rustic look over a standard garage door. 

Comparing the Cost: Custom vs. Standard Garage Doors

You may be wondering, what's the cost differences from a standard, white garage door to something custom, like this? Typically, there's a difference of a couple hundred dollars. It all depends on the style you choose and, of course, the door manufacturer. 

Before & After: The Benefit of a Custom Garage 

A Photo of a Garage Door before it was redone with a custom plank door design (wood finish)

The before picture you see looks like a typical garage door, that's just been a little worn down. Then, Door Pros gave this customer a brand new, custom door. The transformation is absolutely amazing and it completely changed the dynamic of the home.
New Custom Plank Garage Door with Wood Look done by Garage Door Pros LLC of Ohio

It's a beautiful and unique door that really gives it a modern feel. This is called a Plank Door and there are 2-3 different types of plank garage doors that give you this look. You can choose from different colors, and maybe go more symmetrical, but this is the style you'll get when choosing a custom plank garage door. 

The installation typically takes around 2 hours but it may take a little bit more time due to lining up the planks and the sections but other than that it's a standard install. One thing to consider is lead time to order the materials. For plank doors, you're looking at a 3 week order compared to 2 weeks.

Get Your Custom Garage Door

  • Do you want to modernize the look of your home?
  • Upgrade your garage to match your beautiful home?
  • Is your garage door full of scratches, marks or dents?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, come to Garage Door Pros, LLC for a truly unique custom garage door to add personality to your home. 

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In 2006 our resident door pro, Keith, established Door Pros. With over 22 years of experience in the garage door industry, Door Pros is your best bet for local garage door installation, door openers, and garage service.

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