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Should I Repair or Replace My Dented Garage Door?

By Garage Door Pros
October 12, 2018 Category: Replacements, Installs, Garage Door Repair

Repair or Replace a Dented Garage Door? below is a transcription of the video (above) Hey every one, Im Dan from Virteomand with me I have Keith from Garage Door Pros LLC, and today were going to talk about whether or not you replace that one dented panel in your garage door or or not. Weve got this picture here. This was a Keith tell us what happened here. You showed up and this client had a couple of scenarios, right? Dented Garage Door Panel: The client clearly dented the garage door bottom section, Garage Door Pros gave her the options to replace the bottom garage door panel of her garage door,compared to purchasing a new garage door. We dont like to oversell people, so I gave her the option of replacing just the bottom panel of the garage door for $300-350. Replacing Your Dented Garage Door Her decision was to purchase a brand new garage door which then turned into this. A New Garage Door Gives Your Home a Facelift Instead of taking you up on your offer to just replace

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